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Current lawn and landscape upkeep awareness!

Late-summer Broadleaf/ Grassy weed control: The main reason why homeowners want to be rid of weeds is that they are aesthetically disruptive. grassy weeds emerge from seed as a single leaf, examples are crabgrass, dallis grass, and annual bluegrass while Broadleaf weeds emerge from seed with two leaves like dandelion or white clover, have showy flowers.

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Mid-Summer Insecticide: An insecticide that targets mites, grubs, beetles, and whiteflies. These are summer pest that can be hazardous. In a worst-case scenario, beetles can defoliate a tree in 3 – 4 days. No worries, this treatment aggressively eliminates these pests.

Community Relations!

Are you one of those homeowners associations who want to transform their side walk, community trials, front entrance to community and community club house and park into an attractive place for recreation and landscaping? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to worry since Perfect Leaf Management will offer their valued clients with exceptional services that will greatly help you to transform your community into a perfect one.