Perfect Leaf Management Hardscape Services remain the best option a homeowner has. There are many Companies that offer Hardscape Services yet Homeowners always contact us because of the beautiful and standard works they must have seen. Your outdoor area is meant to feel like a natural extension of your home that’s why at PLM we have a trained team with exceptional skill, knowledge, and experience in the design and maintenance aspect of your Hardscape features so, you can count on us to deliver the best of services.

Our mission is to use wonderful hardscape features to enhance your property and bring out the beauty of your home. We use a variety of materials which include; Natural Stones, concrete, Pavers, bricks and stamped concrete that are of quality-tested materials to ensure you have a paradise in your home.

You don’t know the designs or materials that suit your Landscape? Don’t worry, Perfect Leaf Management Landscape and Hardscape Experts got your back. We can assist you in selecting a befitting design for your outdoor comfort. From the first moment of consultation to the final effects, you will be in excellent hands.

Our team of professionals is here to help you with the following

Hardscape Selections:


Our designers are equipped with continuous training to ensure that our architectural tactics remain innovative and updated. Our accurate lines of Paving and quality Patio Products make your outdoors beautiful and intriguing. We have very distinctive styles of concrete pavers, clay, stones and a rich palette of colors available for your services.

 We have a variety of patterns too which includes: French, Roman and Versatile patterns. We ensure you have tons of colors to choose from Ivory, Cream Latte, Walnut, Silver and so many more.


A good retaining wall can help with the management of Ground Slopes, water drainage, and control of erosion issues. They are often made from natural stones and its level of definition provides a distinctive border to areas of your landscape where they are needed the most.

Perfect Leaf Management’s retaining wall always stands the test of time and beauty. Constructed of keystone stones and Blocks, we create a unique design for each application. Our team of experts first conducts a professional assessment of the project area to give you the best of design and products. We have colors ranging from buff, gray to Savannah, and coffee. We have the 2course patterns, standard, lite, and 3course patterns and suiting block sizes available for the taking.


Our professional Walkway Services make your outdoor living area outstanding and attractive. You can also eliminate the need to shovel or plow your path. The snow and ice will never have a chance to pile up.

Perfect Leaf Management Hardscape Experts combine non-fading colors and proprietary of face-mix technology, concrete stones and slabs to ensure you get walkways that can resist absorption and abrasion. It features concrete patterns like; Cobblestone, fractured Isle, River stone, Ashlar stone, sand stone, and limestone. Trust us to get this job done!


The element of fire can give you warmth and add mystery to your Outdoor Space. When you have an outdoor fire pit your home will gain the sparkle you desire and give off a welcoming comfort to you and your guest. At Perfect Leaf Management, we have tons of materials available to build your outdoor fire pits or fireplace. You can get fireplaces made of casted iron, stone, Tile, marble, stucco, glass, brick or clay. It can vary in diameter and depth, some are capable of burning wood, charcoal or gas. A fireplace can vary in style too; Fire Urns, fire pits, fire pit tables, and fire bowls. It all depends on what tickles your fantasy or what is best suited for your environment. You don’t have to worry about making the right choice our team of professionals can help in your plan and decision making.


Give your home an Outdoor bench to serve functional and aesthetic purposes. A bench is a welcomed feature in an outdoor setting. It provides a comfortable place for resting and admiring the Surroundings. PLM Landscape Technicians have experience in setting up a bench for your garden. We can provide different patterns and designs. We can surround the bench with gravel, pebbles or big rocks and can even give it a roof. What matters the most is that we give you a satisfactory outdoor experience.


Do you want to take your Landscape Design to the next level? Landscape Ponds can be an amazing addition to any landscape design. A landscaped pond can be exactly what you need to give your backyard or patio a paradise effect. Perfect Leaf Management is a top-notch company with a trained, licensed and certified team that will give you the natural look and aesthetic appeal. If you already have a Pond or stream, we can also help you add landscaping elements such as natural plantings to improve its beauty and function. There are many designs and patterns of ponds you can choose from; Patio ponds, Eco ponds, Backyard Brooks, Koi ponds. This can come in any size you want or the size that is best suited for your perimeter and environment.


If you have been dreaming of an outdoor kitchen, why wait any longer? Outdoor Kitchen is a fantastic way to turn your cooking time into a memorable and enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking to add a full-service kitchen to your landscape or Patio, complete with plumbing and gas lines or you just want a grill with some permanent counter space, our professional Outdoor Living Designers at Perfect Leaf Management got you. Our professionals will design and build your kitchen from scratch. We ensure that your outdoor kitchen design goes in line with your landscape size, shape and design so that it looks like a natural extension of your home.

You can adorn these Beautiful Hardscape features with Landscape Lighting. Modern lighting systems are not just smart investments but have the ability to dramatically enhance your landscape appeal. Strategically placed outdoor and landscape lighting are designed to highlight the best features of your property in order to keep the focus on your home and landscape. At Perfect Leaf Management Hardscape services, our goal and guarantee to our customers are that your home will be more stunning during the night than in the daytime. Our trained team uses textures, shadows, and colors to ensure that your home stands out. We do Landscape Accent Lighting, Security Lighting and Christmas lights installation. We have lighting styles which include;

  •   Low Voltage
  •   Solar Panel Powered
  •   LED 
  •   Spotlights

With our Landscape Lighting Service, you can be sure of safety, usability, and beauty.

Perfect Leaf Management only uses the highest quality products and materials for your Hardscape and Landscape services which are handled by Licensed and Certified Technicians. We will listen carefully to your ideas and come up with the right and appropriate approach for your Landscape. No matter how small, large, complicated or complex the project is, trust Perfect Leaf Management to take charge because We’ve Got our Clients Back!