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Looking for Sod Installation? No Problem! Perfect Leaf Management offers the best quality sod. Sod is a layer of established grass that is dug up with roots and some soil still attached. Sod is used to transform your yard from dirt to a beautiful  lawn in a few hours. Installing sod allows you to have a lawn with mature grass instead of seeding and growing a lawn.

Regardless of the grass selected, we have a five-step approach to sod installation. We start by measuring your lawn. This is followed by a science-based approach to removing the old turf and grass. After that, we prepare and grade your soil focusing on providing your new sod base with a smooth surface.

If your property is sunny, Bermuda grass, Centipede grass, or St Augustine grass would be the best choice. If your property is primarily shaded, then tall Fescue and Zoysia Grass would be a perfect selection for you.

Our certified and licensed professionals will come out and perform a Landscape Renovation Analysis. This analysis will detail any alterations needed to create a healthy, acceptable, and positive environment for your sod to thrive.  Finally after our managers have installed your sod,  the aftercare of the installed sods follows.

Don’t make the mistake of not providing proper aftercare.  We highly recommend you hire our certified and licensed Landscape Manager to maintain the sod initially.

Our Perfect Leaf Management team will provide the care and instruction needed to preserve and extend the quality of the newly installed sod. These services include;

  • How and when to water your lawn
  • Core aerating and over-seeding
  • Establishing continuous healthy pH level
  • Preventing broadleaf and grassy weeds
  • Observe for signs of lawn fungus and diseases and take preventative measures
  • Observe sod for common lawn insects and prevent them from damaging the sod

Perfect Leaf Management’s agricultural licensed and state-certified project manager will first perform a Landscape Analysis to determine the type of grass that would thrive in your lawn and landscape environment. What do we mean when we say this? It simply implies that the landscape analysis is necessary because each sod has strict requirements in order to thrive. Some sod requirements are more or less strict than others. For instance, some sods primarily are full shade, part shade, part sun, and even full sun. In some cases, it’s unavoidably necessary to install two types of grass or two kinds of grass species. For instance, the sun shines on every home at different angles and times of the day. So take care avoid inferior sod because all sod isn’t equal. Perfect Leaf Management has strong ties to some of the best sod growers across America. Therefore, we stand behind the quality of the sod.

Be proactive when planning sod installation.  Don’t wait till May, June or July to have your sod installed. These are prime months and will result in long waits and cost increase. In addition, the sod industry doesn’t tend to recommend these months because of the crew safety reason and also to protect the sods from extreme heat.


Selecting the right kind of sod is extremely important because some grass thrives well in the shade while others beautifully bloom in direct sun and heat exposure. The different grasses that could be installed are:

    This a specie of Bermuda Grasses that is a warm-season turf. It has excellent heat, drought, and erosion tolerance. It has deep roots and has a dark green appearance when it’s being fertilized and maintained properly.
    This is the most popular type of Bermuda grass. It is drought and heat resistant. It grows more beautiful in direct sunlight. It has the ability to grow in a variety of soils if accompanied by proper fertilization and maintenance. A great advantage of common Bermuda grass is its ability to resist disease and insect invasion.
    This turf possesses great resistant features to cold, frost, heat, shade and drought. The Palmetto Grass is a versatile grass that grows rapidly and spreads out fully throughout the lawn. Palmetto is known to be tolerant to brown patch and some pests like chinch bugs, and grub worms. Palmetto St. Augustine is widely known to produce more thatch than the Bermuda and Zoysia grass therefore, it needs to b mowed more often.
    Unlike the Palmetto, Raleigh St. Augustine has stems that are flatter but still makes a dense and full tough. It has great shade, heat, cold, drought and erosion tolerance. However, this turf is prone to fungal disease and pest infestation. It requires enough water and thrives beautifully during the humid summer months.
    This grass is known for its shade tolerance and low water needs. Its shape looks like a thick blade, unlike other Zoysia Grasses that appear thin. It grows slowly hence, it’s a low maintenance turf. Just like other Zoysia grasses, it has a deep green color. It is regarded as a High-Quality Grass for Lawns
    Just like every other Zoysias, Emerald Zoysia thrives well in direct light, shade, heat, and cold. Igrass.t is a low maintenance grass as it grows slowly unlike the Bermuda and St. Augustine grass. It has a deep green color and shapes that look like thin blades. Fortunately, it has a strong resistance to diseases and pest infestation. This type of Zoysia grass is seen as the best quality grass for commercial and private lawns.
    A tall fescue is a cool season grass with dark green colored blades. It thrives in both sun and shade which is a unique quality. This Turf needs water to grow healthy therefore the soil needs to be moderately moist. It is an attractive medium-textured grass that if planted in a lawn, provides an outstanding green and Beautiful Lawn all the year.
    This grass is widely known for its low maintenance value. It is a Warm-Season Grass. The grass is typically green with a coarse texture. It adapts well in full sun or partial shade and has tolerance to both heat and cold weather. Unlike the St. Augustine turf it grows really slow and needs to be mowed less often. That is why it is regarded as Low Maintenance Grass and therefore an ideal grass for homeowners.

At Perfect Leaf Management, we provide you with the best quality sod and professional sod installation and aftercare maintenance that will ensure your sod is perfect. We follow a five-step procedure. The steps include:

  1. Clearing of site/lawn
  2. Landscape grading for core shape
  3. Topsoil layering
  4. Soil conditioning involves mixing new soil into your existing subgrade
  5. Final site grading to prepare for sod installation.

Our professionals at Perfect Leaf Management Lawn Services are experts in the art of sod installation. Our procedures give your sod the best chance for survival.

Perfect Leaf Management is the landscaping company for you as we can professionally install sod and irrigation systems as well. We are ethical and dependable. Our happy customers can attest to that! Give us a call today.

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