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Summer lawn treatment

Controlling Fall and Winter Broadleaf Weeds with Perfect Leaf Management!
Lawn treatment programs that work! Don’t take our word!! Seeing is believing!
Let’s get your lawn looking fabulous!
Bronze, Silver and Gold Lawn Treatment program starting at $29 per application!

Shrub and tree treatment

At Perfect Leaf Management, we understand more than anyone that to maintain a landscape, especially trees and shrubs, is not a day’s job and it doesn’t take a long time before things become uncontrollable. We have available at your service, a team of licensed experts in ornamentals, turf, and pest who has designed a program to alleviate your landscape health worries. They have the knowledge and experience to bring your landscape shrub and trees back to its original glory.

Core aeration and over seeding

Tall Fescue grass lovers
If you’ve been struggling to grow a
healthy tall fescue lawn,
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“You Are Just A Click Away From The best tall fescue Core aeration and overseeding lawn tips, advice and service!

Summer flowers bed planting

It’s common knowledge for homeowners and gardeners that there are specific times or periods which is considered the best planting season for most plants. This is so as there are many aiding factors at this time of the year.

At Perfect Leaf Management, We have three best planting times of the year; summer, fall and spring planting.

Irrigation system start up

Perfect Leaf Management technician professionals prepare your commercial or residential irrigation systems for winter has several significant advantages, the most important of which are financial savings. Irrigation systems are essential investments and help maintain the health and beauty of your property throughout the year.

Landscape lighting installation

Perfect Leaf Management Landscape Lighting Service remains the number one choice every homeowner has. We have a team of Professional Landscape Technicians that have been highly equipped for lighting services. They are also dedicated to providing you with ultimate craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.


Sod installation

Looking for Sod Installation? No Problem! Perfect Leaf Management offers the best quality of topnotch, plush, and Healthy Sod.

Regardless of the grass, you are using we have a five-step approach to sod installation. We start by measuring your lawn. This is followed by a science-based approach removal of old turfs and grasses. In all, we focus on providing your new b with a smooth surface. After that, we prepare your soil and carry out grading to make the grass more efficient.


Welcome to Perfect Leaf Management landscape Renovation engineers. We are Georgia’s number one Landscaping Company serving Ellenwood and the surrounding areas. PLM Systems 360 is here to assist you in solving your Lawn and Landscape concerns and problems while simultaneously beautifying and replenishing your landscape with professional custom and beautiful flower beds.

Perfect Leaf Management landscape renovation engineers are the professional choice for all your landscape lighting, hardscapes, landscape irrigationsod installation or Landscape Flower Beds, pest control and Mosquitos services

We pride ourselves in our ability to nourish your ornamental plants, grass, flowers , shrubs, and trees, in order to give your home or office that luxurious look and serene ambiance that makes staying worthwhile.

Trust Perfect Leaf Management, YOU DESERVE THE BEST ! . . . . .



We provide a Professional Landscaping Drawing and design for your property. You have the option of choosing the one that suits your taste best, and at the same time perfectly fits your home. Trust Perfect Leaf Management to deliver high-rated designs that are subjected to your reviews. After carefully selecting your choice, we provide Plants, Planting Beds and Hardscape


At Perfect Leaf Management, we understand the uniqueness of every lawn, that is, no two lawns are the same. They require different requirements based on what suit them best. At Perfect Leaf Management, we provide services that cover pinpointed treatment to every lawn we work on. Our teams of technicians and experts work in the aspect of weed control


Regardless of the grass, you are using; we have a five steps approach to sod installation. We start by measuring your lawn followed by science-based approach removal of old turfs and grasses. In all, we focus on providing your new grass with a smooth surface. After that, we prepare your soil and carry out grading to make the grass more efficient



The Importance of Winterizing your Lawn and Landscape Irrigation System

Having your lawn irrigation system professionally Winterize by the experts! Most common repairs bills from not having your lawn irrigation system. Professional winterized. Broken pipe crank valve crank backflow head expansion Here, in this article are some reasons why it’s important to winterize your irrigation systems. Whether you live in Conyers ga, Ellenwood ga or

The First Step in Growing Begonia – Decide Your Preferred Choice of the Plant

So, you’ve decided to grow begonias in your garden. What’s next? Growing this plant does not start with planting one immediately. You need to know that there is a huge selection of this plant and that you need to choose which one you would like to grow. Once you’ve made your choice, it is when



As a homeowner, you are quite aware that healthy trees increase in value with age. They provide your family with a cooling shade and some level of protection to your landscape. It’s a great investment for your landscape to Maintain the Health of your Trees and Shrubs. You can detect tree and shrub problems and

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