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Tips Planting Pansies Fall Flowers


These rounded, flat-faced spring flowers look just like a chubby-faced baby, so how could you not love them? Garden favorites for generations, pansies are widely available just about everywhere and are often the first annuals to bloom. 


Summer is officially over. While most people that genuinely enjoy living in an area that has all four seasons, they probably wish summer were just a little bit longer!


Autumn is the most critical season for almost everything! For those who live in the four seasons, autumn is the perfect time to plant spring-flowering bulbs, fruit trees and perennials.


In the early 1980s, the horticultural sector launched a campaign called “Autumn is for plants.” If some people see it as a simple advertisement to help nurseries sell their surplus stocks at the end of the growing season, there are good reasons to consider planting some plants in the fall. Time to take the idea of “fall planting” to a new level!


Planting pansies in the fall? Why not?! Not only do pansies extend the flower season beyond the normal time frame, but they can continue to bloom through the winter!


Most people always think of pansies as spring flowers; but, pansies can extend the flower season well into the late fall and also early winter. Some pansies can survive temperatures in the single digits! So, put off cleaning up some of your outdoor planters, and plant pansies to have some living color much longer this year!


Planting pansies in the fall is not relatively a new trend, but more and more people are becoming aware of the opportunity. Certain nurseries might even be running specials. For example, Burpee is offering pansies for fall delivery. 


If you do choose to plant pansies this fall, be sure to plant as early as possible, choose healthy plants that will withstand the colder weather, and ensure proper drainage for your plants.


The chances are that you still have several weeks to plant some pansies in your containers or flower gardens. Jump of the nurseries offer of fall delivery & try something new this season!


Pansies are somewhat susceptible to leaf diseases, so choose disease-resistant strains and rotate plantings if you notice the repeated damage. Handpick slugs and snails if they become a problem.

Tips for Fall Planting: 


Fall is a significant time to plant all sorts of trees and shrubs as long as the ground is still warm enough not to shock the roots. You should also mulch them well to keep weeds from coming up in the spring and to keep them insulated against the cold winter weather. Make sure to water these new plantings even through the winter. Snow does not provide the same moisture than plain water does.


Many bulbs flower in the spring when they are planted in the fall. Daffodils, crocus, and tulips are just some of what you can plant. The crocus is the first to bloom most of the time in the spring. Spring-blooming bulbs allow you to have a very early color in the most initial part of the spring.


Certain plants need special treatment to get ready for winter:


Roses are an example of this. In the Conyers ga and Ellenwood ga you cut the roses back to about 2 to 3 feet above the ground and heavily mulch them to get ready for winter. This will protect them for next spring. In colder climates, you can bury them or dig them up and pot them for the winter. So these are some ideas on how to prepare your garden for winter but still enjoy it in the fall. There are other things you will find the need to be done too. makes you have extensive range experience on the tips on planting pensis fall flower.