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Rights of Way Management

Perfect Leaf Management has comprehensive and reliable vegetation management programs especially designed to maintain the electric company’s transmission right of way. Trees are considered part of a place’s natural beauty, however, trees and vegetation are factors that can lead to problems if not properly maintained including power outages. It is important, therefore, to balance the aesthetic concerns with safety factors.

Managing Vegetation Promotes Better Transmission System

Managing vegetation within major electric lines is essential for the safety and reliability of the utility’s operation. Switchyards, substations, and many other facilities need perpetual maintenance to be able to maintain a vegetation-free area around power lines. Vegetation maintenance and treatment must be facilitated annually and in some particular climatic regions, various treatments might be required.

Invasive weeds

Transmission lines are viewed as superhighways of the electric grid allowing electricity to be transferred from power plants to the end-users. As part of the continuing effort of enhancing service reliability, there are management programs geared towards removing tree stumps,  branches, and other vegetation along miles of transmission lines.

To ensure the safety and reliability of utilities, it is essential that existing easement rights on vegetation management be enforced. Removal of trees underneath high-voltage lines instead of pruning serves to reduce chances of vegetation contact.

Vegetation removal

Proper vegetation management does not necessarily involve the removal of all vegetation. Compatible plants or shrubs that do not really interfere with the electric facilities are commonly not disturbed.

Vegetation maintenance of the line corridors must include a varied mixture of grasses, low-growing shrubs, and many other types of ground cover preferred by birds and other small animals to promote thriving wildlife habitats. In such a case, a well-managed right of way offers cover and food needed for wildlife and at the same time, the reliable electric supply that customers need.

We Ensure Service Reliability

Perfect Leaf Management has comprehensive and reliable vegetation management programs especially designed to maintain the electric company’s transmission right of way. As part of the program, all the necessary safety precautions are used by our contractors and employees. Perfect Leaf Management is dedicated to managing vegetation in a manner that will have very minimal impacts on the environment.

Creating and then sustaining a stable, low-growing and compatible plant community in the Right of Way is the vital component to a successful management program. Perfect Leaf Management has its own sets of policies including removal of trees and tree stumps regardless of their height into the edge of ROW. This can include treating tree stumps, removing trees, and more. To be able to perform proper vegetation maintenance, we require a clear path for heavy equipment and trucks to access transmission structures and row.

Perfect Leaf Management concentrates on controlling or removing vegetation that might impede access and might affect our ability to inspect transmission equipment for efficient maintenance work. Using herbicides is also our common method to control vegetation and ensure the proper electrical system or electrical service reliability. 

Perfect Leaf Management is equipped with skilled technicians and specialized machinery to thoroughly apply vegetation and weed control treatments so that invasive plants, weeds, and trees are removed from walkways, parking lots, pipelines, roadways as well as neighborhood paths. This service will help you reduce future maintenance and expense as well as promote the natural aesthetic of your place. 

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