Do you need a routine Lawn Maintenance to make your grasses healthy and resilient to factors that could negatively affect it? As one of the best-established Lawn and landscape Services Company, we offer our services to you. Whether you have dry patches, a problem with moss or pest intruding your lawn, you don’t have to worry, we have varieties of Lawn Treatments to get the problem solved.

Perfect Leaf Management Lawn Services Experts will transform your yard into everyone’s curb attraction by grooming your lawn. Caring for a can be exhausting and sometimes may take a lot of time yet you have to consider your curb appeal. It’s very important for your property to stand out with a full green lawn, and professionally pruned shrubs. That’s why our Lawn experts are here to assist you in order to keep your property in check throughout the changes in season.

We have faithfully served property owners in the region. We maintain lawns by using Eco-Friendly Products with the combination of bio-nutrients, fertilizers and weed control products to help ensure your grass gets the appropriate Nutrition it needs. The secret to a healthy and beautiful lawn is tacking the right problem at the right time. Below you can learn what your lawn needs with our seasonal lawn treatment guide such as:


At these seasons of the year, the lawn is actively growing and will require some special kind of care. Summer and spring have likely maintenance. The difference is only visible in the Watering System, Fertilizers, and Herbicides. If you neglect spring and summer lawn care, you could end up paying for it the rest of the year because your lawn will lose its shine. The special needs of your lawn include:

  •   RAKING

It starts with a quick spring clean-up. Dead grasses and dead remnants of annual grassy weeds like crabgrass, Barnyard Grass, and goosegrass are to be raked out. Any sticks or debris that has accumulated on the lawn over winter is to be picked out.


This is the most dominant Lawn Care Maintenance task over spring and summer. Mowing always keeps the lawn in steady good health. It’s important to note that there are mowing frequencies and heights recommended for spring and summer. In spring you mow high. Cutting high encourages plant grass to grow thicker with deeper roots which in turn helps to crowd out weeds


Spring is a wonderful time to sort your moss problems. Moss is a problem caused by wet, poorly drained lawns. The presence of moss is also as a result of compaction. You can conduct a successful moss eradication as long as you understand that moss is not just another weed and therefore should not be treated as such.


Fertilizer can help your lawn be lush, green and beautiful, but if not applied appropriately, it could damage your lawn, therefore, you might be needing professional help and you should know that Perfect Leaf Management is here to assist you in any way. We have a variety of spring treatments

-Spring pre-emergent to prevent summer crabgrass, poanna, grassy and broadleaf spring weeds.

Mid-Spring Fertilizer for root activation and development

-Late-Spring Post Emergent to spot spray for broadleaf weeds

-Pre-Summer irrigation

-Summer core aeration and Overseeding


Repair scanty spots of the lawn. It’s best you aim for an early spring sowing for cool-season grass and a late spring sowing for warm-season grass. Over-seeding is necessary will always be the best alternative for the area of grass growing sparsely. However, spring is not really the best time to overseed a lawn, the best time is fall when the new shoots of grass won’t have to compete with crabgrass.


This step is necessary only during summer because of the dry and hot weather. To keep the grass green and healthy it needs to be provided with at least one inch of water per week and since its summer season, its source of water is mostly through irrigation means. Time for irrigation is always early in the morning between 6 – 10 a.m. This is to minimize Water Loss and evaporation.


You can take advantage of the cool fall weather to fertilize, control weed and improve the health and appearance of your yard.


If you mowed higher during the summer and spring, you might want to consider a Low Mowing for fall. Cutting your lawn slightly shorter in the autumn helps in preventing the grass from matting down under leaves and snow. In snow prone areas, a final mowing on the short side helps to avoid snow mold on grass come spring.


Aeration helps in Thatch Reduction, improves drainage and loosens the soil, therefore, improving the health of your lawn. In early fall you have to aerate cool-season grasses.


Fall cool-season grass, fall provides the best season to carry out fertilization and Fall Treatment. You can give your grass a good head start by using Perfect Leaf Management fall lawn services.

-Fall soil test, PH nutrients application

Mid-Fall Soil; seeding and core aeration

-Pre- Fall pre-emergent prevention for winter broadleaf weeds

-Fall PH balanced nutrient applied to the soil

-Late fall-winter fertilizer soil recovery


Consider sowing grass seed in patchy or sparse areas of your lawn as many patches can die during summer. However, keep in mind that seeds that don’t touch the ground won’t germinate and it can be difficult to properly cover an area of grass.


When leaves fall on your lawn, they block sunlight and can prevent grass from growing. Additionally, the clumpy and soggy moisture they hold can lead to lawn fungi. You need to start raking as soon as the Leaves and rubbish are visible.


A lawn does not require much care in the winter. It is when you spend the least amount of time thinking of your lawn appearance and maintenance. However, there are few things you can do even during the harshest winter that can help in Maintaining Your Lawn.

  •   Winter is another good season to fertilize cool-season grasses. Since the majority of the lawns in North America are made from Bermuda and bluegrass, winter would be a good blend for these lawns. Before the first freeze, give your lawn a thorough feeding to replace all the nutrients that can be lost from the soil during the hot summer. Once winter comes, the fertilizer will remain in the soil and feed your lawn’s root all the winter season. Some of Perfect Leaf Management Winter Treatments include;

Winter PH nutrients application

-Winter fungus application

-Pre-Winter pre-emergent prevention of spring grassy weeds


When the lawn is very low, it can be easy for people to forget that it shouldn’t be walked on. Try to limit traffic on your winter lawn. The grass is naturally resilient but it would be having a difficult time growing back when it is too worn out. Never park a car on your lawn. Even the smallest of cars can leave a heavy imprint on the soil.

Once tending to your Lawn proves to be too difficult and time-consuming contact Perfect Leaf Management and we will give your lawns a great turn around. Our Lawn Experts are equipped to tackle all of your lawn problems with ease. We also offer solutions to stubborn weeds on your driveway or patio. If you want a reliable, certified and highly capable lawn service company, look no further. PERFECT LEAF MANAGEMENT IS HERE FOR YOU!

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