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Not quite ready for a total Landscape Renovation project? No problem! Perfect Leaf Management Single Services will be a huge impact. Although total landscaping is awesome projects, consistent single services over time can make a significant impact to the beautification of your curb appeal!


We highly recommend this service to you if you are new to Flower Beds and landscaping. If you are thinking of Landscape Renovation for the first time or you lack the knowledge, time, understanding, total willingness, and proper commitment to proper professional upkeep and maintenance, you can always start small and gradually increase your Home’s Lawn and landscaping endeavors with our Professional Single Services.


Perfect Leaf Management created a twelve-step Single Services Program that is affordable to someone that values good neighborly principles. The community doesn’t expect you to strive over having the best lawn of the month by adding Landscape Lighting, beautiful Flower Beds, evergreen shrubs and colorful vibrant trees, but the community does expect you to maintain a healthy weed-free lawn which will require consistent Mowed Lawn and pruned shrubs and trees.


We provide a professional landscape drawing and design for your property. You have the option of choosing the one that is best suited to your taste and perfectly fit your home. Trust PLM to deliver high-rated designs that are subjected to your reviews. After carefully selecting your choice, we provide plants, planting beds and hardscape. The beauty of your home is

Lawn Treatment

At Perfect Leaf Management, we understand the uniqueness of every lawn, that is, no two lawns are the same. They require different requirements based on what suit them best. At Perfect Leaf Management, we provide services that cover pinpointed treatment to every lawn we work on. Our teams of technicians and experts work in the aspect of weed control

Sod installation

Regardless of the grass, you are using; we have a five steps approach to sod installation. We start by measuring your lawn followed by science-based approach removal of old turfs and grasses. In all, we focus on providing your new grass with a smooth surface. After that, we prepare your soil and carry out grading to make the grass more efficient

Irrigation installation

Our irrigation service is tailor-made to the type of plant used for your turf, the type of soil and the nutrient requirement for your plants.  All plants are dependent on the continuous availability of quality water supply to thrive; as such PLM will install different irrigation systems. Our team of experts understands

Shrub treatment

Shrub and Tree Treatment

Homeowners who plant shrubs and small trees know the bliss tree and shrubs can create for the environment. Apart from decoration and adding beauty to properties, shrub and trees help to purify the environment, and the scent of their flowers is soothing to the nerves. Like every other part of the lawn, shrubs and flowering trees deserve regular maintenance to rid them of pest and diseases.

Shrub and Tree Pruning

We handle all forms of shrub and tree pruning. Pruning is a service that should be treated with care. Looking beyond adding beauty to your property, pruning has a lot to do with the growth and health of trees and shrubs. When poorly handled, pruning could be a point of attack or infestation by pests and insects alike. Trust our experts to follow the right procedures and take the type of tree planted into consideration


Perfect Leaf Management landscape lighting service involves the use of outdoor illumination to enhance nighttime visual aesthetic. We will turn your home into luxury with the installation of low voltage lighting system that will not only add beauty your property but also serves as a safety measure and prevention of night encroachments from unwanted guests. We make use of various lighting system combination to bring the best


The benefits derived from core aeration and overseeding can never be understated. Aeration helps to enhance root breathing and circulation of oxygen which in turn leads to healthy root formation. Aeration with seeding helps the root to look more active and reach their potentials in growing. Also, it improves air circulation, increases water penetration and its absorption by the roots of plants. Our team of experts ensures that your properties get the best of aeration and overseeding which will result in strong and vibrant healthy turf


Pest and infestation are always inevitable. To feed on your green and lush vegetative parts of your plant leaves, pests and insects will try to penetrate. Perfect Leaf Management understands that most pests manifestations emanate from outside the home. Thus we make an effort to prevent pests from gaining access to your property. PLM will check the surrounding areas for any signs of pest or their eggs in case of insect


Nothing ruins a healthy and beautiful garden faster than diseases and Insect Infestation. These can come in many ways but the most detrimental effect happens to be caused by chewing insects that feed on plants and turf causing them to have leaves that are slightly brownish in color.


Trees are considered parts of a place’s natural beauty, however trees and vegetation are factors that can lead to common problems and can cause power outages. It is therefore highly imperative to work constantly in order to balance the aesthetic concerns with the responsibility to deliver a reliable electric system for millions of businesses and households.


Perfect Leaf Management Hardscape Services remain the best option a homeowner has. There are many Companies that offer Hardscape Services yet Homeowners always contact us because of the beautiful and standard works they must have seen. Your outdoor area is meant to feel like a natural extension of your home


The world has reached an advanced level of technology. All around, you can see high buildings, beautiful houses, resorts and hotels with Beautiful Lawns and landscapes yet, people are unable to get rid of pests and rodents. It’s so discomforting when you get to experience a variety of Insects invading your home like they are the real owners.