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We will provide a professional landscape drawing and design for your property. You have the option of choosing the one that best suits your taste and perfectly fits your home. After carefully selecting your choice, we provide plants, planting beds, and hardscape materials. 


A Colorful Flower Bed can give a new appearance to your landscape. Creating a flower bed from scratch is a simple and rewarding way to add beautiful colors to your outdoor area. Whether you are looking to improve the quality of your current beds or you want a new flower bed to be installed, Perfect Leaf Management is always available to assist.

Perfect Leaf Management Certified and Licensed Landscape Experts have the unique ability to sculpt your outdoor area into your unique garden based on your preferences. We will work together with you in order to design your property so that it not only suits your taste but takes into consideration what suits your property and environment as well.

Our landscape experts are dedicated and have the skills to ensure you get the professional results you expect.


Have you noticed that some flowers need to be planted each spring, while some other flowers just shoot out by themselves year after year? This is because some of them are annual plants while some are perennial plants.

Annual Plants– These plants have a life cycle that only lasts one year. They usually shoot out, bloom, and then die in just one growing season. These plants always need to be replanted every spring. Most annual plants bloom for a long time. The main advantage is, it grows with many beautiful colors from spring through to the fall. They are the most popular with flower growers. Some popular annual plants include; Marigolds, Petunias, and Zinnias.

Some people usually have a hard time remembering the appropriate term for each type of plant, this is because of the fact that annual means “yearly”. This notion has made people believe that Annual Plants keep coming back year after year whereas the truth is that annual plants have just a lifespan of one year.

Perennial Plants– Perennial plants stay alive for more than two years. Hardier Perennials might return year after year for twenty years or more. Perennial plants generally keep coming back to life year after year and they continue to grow until they have reached the age of maturity. The age of maturity always varies in each plant but the average is within three to five years. Unlike the annual plants, Perennial Flowers tend to bloom for just a limited time which is usually between one to three weeks. Some examples of perennial plants are Tulips, Asters, Lilies, and Black-Eyed Susans.

Perennials don’t have to be replanted each year, however, some plant growers choose to replace certain perennials every three to five years if they start to decline. Some of those perennials are the ones listed above. Perennials have structures that enable them to survive year after year such as, Bulbs and Rhizomes.

Perennial plants are subdivided into two categories: Deciduous Perennials and Evergreen Perennial.


There are specific times or periods which are considered the best planting season for most plants. This is due to many factors.

At Perfect Leaf Management, we have three best planting times of the year; summer, fall and spring planting.


  • March
    At the beginning of March, spring flowers bloom in various colors. The plants are bold, beautiful, and healthy, and ready for endless blooming throughout your landscape.
    At this time of the year, spring has arrived and flowers are fresh and vibrant with lots of different colors and styles. This second release of flowers, may not be as many as the first release.
  • MAY
    Summer flowers are approaching, so Perfect Leaf Management is coming to remove the spent spring flowers, tilling beds, and many other necessary procedures.


  • JUNE
    In the month of June, there is a release of healthy vibrant flowers but they are very limited to colors and style
  • JULY
    This is the end of the season, therefore, flowers are very limited because growers are preparing for fall and winter flowers


    October offers the best window for fall planting. From the cooler weather and abundant rain with fewer pests, diseases, and weeds. Fall offers many distinct planting benefits. All flower beds must be totally clean and prepped by September 15, because fall comes around October 15.

Trust Perfect Leaf Management, YOU DESERVE THE BEST !

Perfect Leaf Management landscape renovation engineers are the professional choice for all your landscape lighting, hardscape, irrigation, sod installation, landscape flower beds, pest control, and mosquitos services.

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As fall is swiftly approaching, our veteran season and annual clients know Perfect Leaf Management is making rounds conducting extensive procedures that will make the soil ready for your flowers to bloom beautifully and healthily. These procedures include:

  • Reconstructing and reconditioning flowerbeds
  • Removing spent flowers
  • Adding soil nutrients
  • Weeding
  • Applying insecticidess
  • Tilling and re-edging of flowerbeds

For our clients that are new to our proactive Flowerbed Preparation, we totally understand that you may not be aware that most or all flowers Perfect leaf Management has planted in this past spring and summer are still looking strong, healthy and vibrant. This is because Perfect Leaf Management has the best green thumb in the Lawn and Landscape Industry. Our flowerbeds are known to outlast their season-growing periods. That being said, unfortunately, your summer annual flowers will eventually die off at first frost.

If you allow these flowers to completely deteriorate within your flowerbed. Flowers will attract insects, the soil will start to develop weeds and soil could trigger an unbalanced Ph Level.

Homeowners must be aware that critical measures and treatments are needed between planting season. There are also waiting periods to ensure that the treatments are broken down within the soil, receptive to the new flowers that will be planted. You don’t have to worry about how to go about this. As you know the best and simplest way is to allow Perfect Leaf Management to take full control of selecting, designing and planting your flowerbed. As we are the professionals, we know your property’s needs and which flowers will you’re your landscape environment. Some of these basic needs are:

  • Part sun
  • Full sun
  • Part shade
  • Full shade

You are welcome to choose a couple of colors but, you do need to understand that it could slow up the process because all the flowers don’t come available at the same time. However, we will try our very best to accommodate your colors. Here are some Flowers we have available for your landscape beautification during different seasons.

    This flower is a cool-season bloomer, it offers beautiful flowers and very lovely fragrances. It is most efficient to you if you Plant Dianthus in a location where you will enjoy their great scent more. Dianthus is notable for its variety of colors; white, pink, red and purple. So definitely, there must be a color that appeals to you and also suits the appearance of your environment.
    Celosia is considered as most homeowners favorite because of its durable and easy-care nature. Celosia is naturally for fall because many types appear in the traditional color palette. This flower provides very beautiful colors like bright yellow, warm orange, deep burgundy-purple and scarlet red which will accent to your gardens. Its plumes of bloom that appear like flames add a fun vertical texture to other Flowers in your Landscape.
    This very beautiful Type of Flower provides a lovely cool-season color in just about every shade of the rainbow. Pansies are wonderfully versatile and bloom heavily which makes it perfect for Fall Flower planting. However, there are old-fashioned varieties that look like tiny mounds when it grows. It’s important that you must plant new varieties which are more efficient. A bonus advantage of this plant is that they come back to bloom again in the spring.
    Viola is considered a genus of flowering plants. Some Viola species are perennial plants, some are annual plants while the rest are considered as shrubs. Viola typically has a heart-shaped scalloped leaf while some have a palmate leaf. Violas are beautiful and charming. They offer tons of colors. The blooms are daintier and they hold up good to rain and other weather. Violas come in a wider color range than pansies making them top the list of the most versatile flowers.
    Its common name is foxgloves. Foxgloves are beautiful and lovely flowers that grow both in wild and cultivated form. They get their admiration for having tall spires containing multiple rows of big tubular flowers. Foxgloves are not only known for their beauty. They contain a substance/chemical called digitalis. This chemical can be considered as being dangerous, however, small quantities can be used in making medicines for the heart. This flower comes in beautiful colors like, purple, pink, yellow or white.
    Snapdragons are very fanciful plants that attract and inspire wonder in many people. They are lovely perennial plants that put up spikes of colorful flowers in all sorts of colors. Besides aesthetic appeal, snapdragons are versatile plants. They have variations that include differences in plant size and growth habit, flower type, and color. They offer a variety of beautiful colors like, yellow, pink, red, green and sometimes comes in white.
    If you are looking for a stunning and beautiful color in the garden, then you should be considering the planting of this flower. Heuchera Flower is commonly known as Coral Bells. They are perennial plants though they can be listed as evergreens in certain zones. Coral bells get their names from having tall spikes and bell-shaped blooms. These plants coms in varieties of types and colors. The colors range from white and pink to light coral and deep red.
    Erysimum is a genus of flowering plants native to Europe, western Asia, and North America. It produces narrow, grey-green leaves and four-petalled foliage. It is brightly colored and has blooms borne on long spikes, making it an excellent choice for your garden, flowerbed or garden border. Erysimum usually comes in yellow, but may also be red, orange and purple.
  • KALE
    This plant is considered as one of the toughest plants for fall. It is also called flowering cabbage. Flowering Kale is an Ornamental Plant majorly grown for its flowering abilities. It holds up well to frosty temperatures and looks good all winter long in mild-winter areas. It offers dramatic colors and texture. It is known to pair well with just about every fall flower. It is important to note that Perfect Leaf Management doesn’t advise consuming this flower as it is strictly bred for ornamental appearance and not for taste.

Having an unlicensed person treat your property could severely hurt you, your lawn and landscape, environment and definitely make your pest and weed problems worse. For instance;

Pre-emergent stage

This means it’s going to prevent a weed, insect or fungus and diseases within the coming months. If the wrong pre-emergent is applied or wrong amount, inadequate application, wrong timing with the wrong type of lawn, wrong weather conditions, the treatment is not going to work. Crabgrass, grassy and broadleaf weeds will be staring you in the face while insects will be eating up your lawn.

Post-emergent stage

In this stage, it means you now have to kill what you couldn’t prevent.

Grasses, flower plants, shrubs and trees don’t like Herbicides mostly because it is hot when the treatments were applied which slows the plant’s growth. Summer plants, trees and shrubs love adequate water and fertilizers in order to bloom and blossom. In a situation you have no choice because crabgrass, spider mites, Japanese beetles, and white grubs are rapidly invading your landscape, you will definitely need to apply control treatments to stop the invasion.


Gardening is a loved activity by most property owners. Unfortunately, our busy lifestyle and schedule don’t allow us to take appropriate care of our outdoor areas. However, in order to have a healthy and beautiful looking beds, we must try to maintain our plants. Below are the outlined tips that will assist you.

Removing spent flowers
Inspect for pest problems
Pull weeds and use weed control treatments
Edge the beds
Fertilize and mulch
Watering of Flowers, trees, and shrubs can never be over-emphasized. As earlier mentioned, Perfect Leaf Management Technicians can only do the planting for you, you are left with maintaining your curb appeal. However, in order to help our clients, we do Install an Irrigation System that will free you up from the stress of manually doing the watering yourself. Our Irrigation systems also assist you in watering your plants in an accurate and professional way.


Watering is of no value if you are not doing it right. As a matter of fact, you can ruin your plants if you are not watering the right way and at the right time.

When watering, you have to focus on the root zone. Remember that it’s the roots that need access to water, not the leaves. Wetting the leaves is a waste of water and sometimes it can form molds and encourage the spread of diseases. This is the reason having a good irrigation system is valuable as it focuses on watering the desired areas.
It’s best to water plants in the evening or early in the morning when the soil is cooler because during the day the heat will make the water evaporate quickly. You have the water deeply and thoroughly every morning and evening at the early stage of the installation then after a month, you can reduce to once a day.
Maintaining these acts can be a little too much for some property owners, that is why Perfect Leaf Management Irrigation System 360 will always have your back. It’s also important to note that its best you are being Proactive. Don’t wait until the prime months of May, June, and July to get all these things done. At these prime months, it’s expected that everything must have been fixed so that you can be sitting back at your chair taking some cool drink and admiring your Landscape. You click a button, irrigation comes on watering your flowers, grasses, shrubs, and trees. You click another button, your landscape lighting comes on, giving you a blissful view of your Patio Ambiance.

With Perfect Leaf Management Paradise Could Be Seen On Earth!

It may be true that the Earliest Planting Season is better, it’s important to note that all flower beds must be totally clean and prepped by September 15, and this is because the fall come available October 15.

With years of landscaping experience, Perfect Leaf Management team of certified experts in ornamental, turf and pests has the knowledge and the resources to ensure your plants are installed properly to suit your aesthetic appeal and the needs of your Landscape. Proper Bedding Maintenance and Flowerbed Installation are critical to the success of any new plant. We are the best choice for every homeowner. Please contact us to get started.

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