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Throughout the year your lawn can have differing needs. As summer ends and the cooler autumn weather approaches, your lawn starts to change. How it changes depends on the climate and location. 

At Perfect Leaf Management, we provide the best and most extensive lawn care services including seasonal treatments.  With our years of experience, we know how to address the concerns of our customers.

Our goal is to apply the best available industry-standard lawn treatments to protect your lawn during the year. 

  • Determine the Type of Grass – We are experts on the variety of grasses available for lawns in the Atlanta area. For example, popular types of grasses are turfgrass, ryegrass, bentgrass, and even Kentucky grass. To assure that your lawn flourishes, let us help you choose the appropriate grass that suits your property’s environment.
  • Applying Herbicide to Weeds – In order to maintain your lawn, you may need to apply some sort of herbicide. This can be essential to prevent the growth or development of harmful pests and weeds.
  • Soil pH – If your lawn is not really performing well, consider letting us have your soil tested. The test will determine if you need to adjust the acidity or the alkalinity of the soil. Proper Soil pH affects plant growth by reducing soil bacteria, nutrient absorption and soil structure. 
  • Thatch Removal and Watering the Lawn – Thatch is a tightly layer of stems, leaves and grass roots between the vegetaion and soil. Too much increases the chance of  lawn diseases and impedes the movement of air, water, fertilizers, and nutrients into the soil.  When this type of soil compaction is present, you may need to employ core aeration to reduce the compaction. Also you need to provide your lawn the proper seasonal watering to stay healthy.
  • Fertilization – Fertilization of your lawn particularly in the fall season is very important for the grass to grow healthy and free from risks of harmful pests in the spring.

Let Perfect Leaf Management help you select the right lawn treatment program. Call us at 678-666-2544.

Perfect Leaf Management

Lawn Treatment Programs


$ 24.99
  • Spring pre-emergent
  • Mid-Spring Fertilizer
  • Pre-Summer Fungicide
  • Summer selective Spot Weed Control
  • Pre Fall Pre-emergent


$ 34.99
  • Spring pre-emergent
  • Mid-Spring Fertilizer
  • Pre-Summer Fungicide
  • Summer selective Spot Weed Control
  • Pre Fall Pre-emergent
  • Late-Spring Post-Emergent
  • Mid-summer Lawn Insecticide
  • Late-summer Broadleaf/ Grassy weed control
  • Fall Ph. balance nutrients applied to the soil
  • Late-Fall winter fertilizer soil recovery


$ 39.99
  • Spring pre-emergent
  • Mid-Spring Fertilizer
  • Pre-Summer Fungicide
  • Summer selective Spot Weed Control
  • Pre Fall Pre-emergent
  • Late-Spring Post-Emergent
  • Mid-summer Lawn Insecticide
  • Late-summer Broadleaf/ Grassy weed control
  • Fall Ph. balance nutrients applied to the soil
  • Late-Fall winter fertilizer soil recovery
  • Early-Summer Fertilizer
  • Pre-winter Pre-Emergent
  • Winter Fungus Application
  • Late-winter insecticide
  • Pre-spring Ph. nutrients application


Perfect Leaf Management knows how important lawn treatments are, that’s why we provide the Best Lawn Treatment strategies. As a professional lawn care company, we have a team of experts that can test your soil,  determine the best fertilizer for your turf, decide how often it needs to be treated, and ensure that it’s being treated properly.


Our Bronze Lawn Treatment Program is a credible and reliable entry level of control and maintenance.

Doing nothing or guessing about your lawncare often results in a ton of  problems such as weeds and insects destroying your lawn and landscape. It could become an eyesore to your community and even result in neighbor complaints or fines from the county or HOA. It can even increase your mowing maintenance as aggressive weeds grow faster.

The Bronze Program is designed by an ALSC licensed state certified project manager in ornamental pest and turf and includes:

  • ROUND 1
    Spring pre-emergent: This is an herbicide to prevent summer crabgrass, poanna, grassy and broadleaf spring weeds. As the name implies, it needs to be applied before the weeds emerge in the spring. If not done properly,  it will not be effective and weeds will surely surface.
  • ROUND 2
    Mid-Spring Fertilizer: This is for root activation and development. Grass continues to grow throughout the fall. The roots are going down into the soil and they need fertilizer for the whole year. In fact, this is the most crucial application of fertilizer for the whole year
  • ROUND 3
    Pre-Summer Fungicide: It is to help prevent lawn fungus, disease, and heat stress. Summer lawn disease can rapidly turn a thick, beautiful lawn into a patchy mess. Some fungus includes brown patch, fusarium blight, and dollar spot. In this situation, seeking the help of Perfect Leaf Management for fungicide applications is the best choice for all homeowners.
  • ROUND 4
    Summer Selective Spot Weed Control: Summer weeds can truly be a challenge because the weeds are rapidly invasive. Sometimes the weeds can get out of control and we will do selective spot weed control to fight the weeds.
  • ROUND 5
    Pre Fall Pre-emergent:
    Again proper herbicide treatment for prevention of winter Broadleaf Weeds. This time of year is a critical to prepare your lawn for winter and the next spring.


Our Silver Lawn Treatment Program is most popular with first time homeowners, rent-to-own buyers and landlords. It adds layers of care and treatment to your lawncare. It is cost effective and provides a solid and consistent level of year round lawn care.

This program is designed and tailored by an ALSC licensed and state certified project manager in ornamental pest and turf.


  • ROUND 6
    Late-Spring Post-Emergent: This herbicide treatment is for broadleaf weeds, goosegrass, and crabgrass. Post-emergent treatment is most effective against these weeds when you use them during the time of the year when weeds are actively growing. If you wait until the end of the lifecycle when the broadleaf weeds begin flowering, the herbicides will lose its efficacy.
  • ROUND 7
    Mid-summer Lawn Insecticide: This is a summer lawn treatment application for pests that can permanently kill your beautiful lawn such as white grubs, chinch bugs, and fire ants. This treatment gives the lawn a controlled release feeding during the summer months to keep your lawn greener and lush.
  • ROUND 8
    Late-summer Broadleaf/ Grassy weed control: The main reason why homeowners want to be rid of weeds is that they are aesthetically ugly and disruptive. This treatment targets grassy weeds such as crabgrass, dallisgrass, annual bluegrass and broadleaf weeds like dandelion or white clover.
  • ROUND 9
    Fall pH balance nutrients applied to the soil:
    The availability of some plant nutrients is majorly affected by soil pH. This treatment can be added to soil to increase absorption of plant nutrients. Before we start this treatment, our licensed and certified experts always conduct extensive soil evaluation.
    ROUND 10
    Late-Fall winter fertilizer soil recovery: This treatment is very beneficial for a healthy lawn all through the year. In fact, winter fertilizer application is considered to be the second most important treatment of the year. It will build carbohydrates that promote repair work on summer damage and assist the lawn to survive through winter.


The Gold Lawn Treatment Program is uniquely designed for what we call our gold distinguished clients!!  It is for the customer who wants a lawn and landscape that is the envy of the community. The customer who is always checking on their lawn and landscaping and thinking of ways to further beautify it. This client invests in spring, summer and fall flowers plantings, landscape lighting, and hardscaping. They have spent time and money on their property and want guests welcomed to an outstandingly beautiful and well maintained property. 

Again this program is designed and tailored by an ALSC Agricultural licensed and state certified project manager in ornamental, pest and turf.


  • ROUND 11
    Early-Summer Fertilizer: This is a critical treatment for our Gold clients. Before the heat of the summer arrives, a good dose of the proper fertilizer will encourage the lawn to flourish and be ready to fight off the stresses of summer season.
  • ROUND 12
    Pre-winter Pre-Emergent:
    This herbicide treatment focuses on the prevention of spring grassy weeds. Ignoring pre-winter pre-emergent exposes a lawn to a spring and summer filled with extra work. Perfect Leaf Management will evaluate and apply the proper pre-emergent.
  • ROUND 13
    Winter Fungus Application:
    The best defense against fungal diseases is prevention. It can be prevented by the application of fungicides in late fall. These fungicides provide protection against fungi which can be a threat to  plant life.
  • ROUND 14
    Late-winter insecticide:
    Winter is a preparation time for the warm seasons ahead. Lawn insects can permanently destroy your grass. Perfect Leaf Management has able professionals that will identify your pest problems and apply the right solutions.
  • ROUND 15
    Pre-spring pH nutrients application:
    Pre-spring nutrients are very crucial to plant growth. Nutrient applications need to be applied at the right time for optimum effect. For example application before a rainstorm will be more effective when applied afterward. After winter, making proper nutrients available is important to encourage the best spring landscape.


Testing soil is the best way of getting a scientific view of the Soil Composition. The quality of soil varies from lawn to lawn and sometimes even the same lawn. A soil test is designed to measure the nutrients that are available to plants, identify diseases, identify pests and guide corrective measures for any problems found. Perfect Leaf Management ALSC certified and state licensed managers makes it a priority to conduct necessary soil testing before treatment. We find it always give our clients the right services.


Watering is a very important action every homeowner must never fail to do after the application of treatment. After your Bronze, Silver or Gold Lawn Treatment, it is crucial to water your lawn very well so that the treatment will sink deep to the roots of the grasses. To keep the grass green and healthy, it needs to be provided with at least one inch of water per day particularly in the summer season, The best and most convenient source of water is through irrigation meaning a properly installed and maintained irrigation system. The best time for irrigation is always early in the morning between 6 – 10 a.m. to minimize water loss and evaporation. To alleviate yourself from manual watering, have Perfect Leaf Management install a proper irrigation system.

You can have confidence that Perfect Leaf Management are area experts on lawncare.  We use eco-friendly products with a combination of bio-nutrients, fertilizers and weed control products to help ensure your grass gets the appropriate nutrition and care it needs. The secret to a healthy and beautiful lawn is tackling the right problem at the right time and preventive year round care.

When tending your lawn proves to be too difficult,  time-consuming and frustrating, now is the time to contact the team at Perfect Leaf Management. From irrigation and soil testing to year round lawn care treatments our lawn experts are equipped to tackle all of your lawn problems with ease.  If you want a reliable, certified and highly capable lawn service company, look no further than PERFECT LEAF MANAGEMENT!

Trust Perfect Leaf Management, YOU DESERVE THE BEST !

Perfect Leaf Management landscape renovation engineers are the professional choice for all your landscape lighting, hardscape, irrigation, sod installation, landscape flower beds, pest control, and mosquitos services.

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Lawn treatment

Full Annual Lawn Treatment Program

Property owners can all agree that having a healthy, lush lawn isn’t easy especially when it requires seasonal care and treatment. However, they also have to acknowledge doing it themselves isn’t easy either. Most lawn treatments need expertise and professional application beyond the scope of the average property owner. Not all grass is the same, and if a treatment is applied incorrectly, you could permanently damage to your lawn. 

Perfect Leaf Management knows how important lawn treatments are, that’s why we pride ourselves on providing the best lawn treatment strategies. As a professional lawn care company, we have a team of experts that can test your soil to determine the best fertilizer for your turf, decide how often it needs to be treated, and ensure that it’s being treated properly.

In advance of treatment, our professional team can aerate your lawn to break up the soil compaction and thatch to allow the fertilizer to better reach the soil and roots.

Some clients may require a full program which will be tailored based on their budget and landscape conditions. Our ALSC Agricultural-Licensed and State-Certified Project Manager can tailor a program to bring your lawn back to its glory.

There are too many inadequate and unreliable do-it-yourself lawn and landscape treatments on the market. Perfect Leaf Management only uses commercial-grade Ag Licensed required treatments to apply to lawn and landscapes.

The chances of an unlicensed company applying the same lawn and landscape treatments that Perfect Leaf Management uses is highly unlikely. So please, don’t be fooled by a flyer in your mailbox saying Weed Control, Insect Control. Look to see if they are actually licensed. Our licensed experts know:

  • Proper weed Identification
  • Weed life cycles
  • Weed germination
  • Application techniques and timing
  • How to design a lawn treatment program based on the client’s lawn and landscape requirements 
  • How to conduct a soil test
  • Insect Metamorphosis
  • How insects respond to treatment
  • To identify escape routes and insect immune resistance.

Having an unlicensed lawn service could have a negative impact on your lawn and landscape and  make your pest and weed problems worse. For instance:

Pre-emergent stage

This stage is to prevent a weed, insect or fungus and diseases before the coming months. If the wrong pre-emergent is applied, or in the wrong amount, or during the wrong time of year, or under the wrong weather conditions, then the treatment is not going to work. Weeds will develop and insects could eat up your lawn.

Post-emergent stage

In this stage, you now have to kill what you didn’t prevent. Improper application of herbicides can affect grass, flowers plants, shrubs and even trees.  Summer plants, trees and shrubs love adequate water and fertilizers in order to bloom and blossom. When crabgrass, spider mites, Japanese beetles, or white grubs are rapidly invading your property, you will definitely need to apply control treatments to stop the invasion.

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