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Core Aeration & Overseeding

A beautiful and healthy-looking lawn is every homeowner’s desire however, you must maintain your lawn with some specific actions before you can achieve that. Two of these actions include; aerating and overseeding.

You may have been at a golf course or a neighbor’s lawn and seen perfect little holes in the ground. That is from aeration work.

Aeration is the process of creating a tiny passage in a lawn’s soil which helps to break up the soil and allow water, air, and nutrients to filter effectively to the root area of the grass. Aeration is mostly needed in places with hard and compacted soil or heavy clay soil types. Soils like this usually prevent an adequate quantity of nutrients, water, and oxygen from getting to the root of the soil where they are most needed. There are two successful methods a lawn can be aerated. The first one is by pulling out the plugs or “Coring” the grass and soil and the second technique is by slicing deep cuts or “Spiking”. Either of these two methods allow the roots to get sufficient water, air, and nutrients they require to grow healthy.

Aeration and overseeding usually work together. After you aerate your lawn and it slowly starts to recover, you may still notice that your lawn has a few bare patches or looks thinner. This can make your outdoor area look dull and sparse. It can also serve as a host for pests, diseases and in the long run, will definitely encourage weeds. This is when overseeding comes into play because it fills those patches up.

Overseeding simply is placing seeds over your already recovering grass in order to encourage new additional growth and improve the thickness of the turf.

Usually homeowners with large lawns in particular benefit from PLM’s aeration and overseeding services. Perfect Leaf Management is the premier choice because we use the best core aeration and overseeding techniques that are guaranteed to give you the best results. Our  licensed Agriculture Project Managers are continually equipped and experienced to give you professional service to help your lawn thrive.

Finally, it’s important to note that aeration and overseeding need to be done properly. If done improperly, it can ruin your lawn! Some turfs require special timing and procedures to follow. Some of these turfs include:

    If you have been struggling to grow a healthy tall fescue lawn, this information will be beneficial to you.
    Tall Fescue is a popular choice of grass for lawns all across the country. However, after a long and hot summer, your fescue lawn can look patchy and worn out. It may need core aeration and overseeding to bring it back to its glory. Early fall is the growing season for tall fescue, this makes September and October the prime months. Fescue Grass is a cool-season grass, which implies that it stops growing at high temperatures. To succeed in overseeding a fescue lawn, seeds need to make good contact with soil and properly overseeded. Fescue overseeded areas need proper moisture, just  the same as for a new planted lawn.
    Bermuda grass is typically the kind of grass you see on golf courses. With good care and maintenance, this grass grows beautiful with each passing day.
    The best time to aerate Bermuda Grass is in early summer which is the time of year the grass is growing most rapidly. However if the soil is very compacted, you are advised to aerate at least twice a year. But core aerating dormant brown Bermuda grass can disrupt a late winter application of pre-emergence weed control. Aerating during spring green-up can damage tender roots as the grass is low on stored energy at this time. For a once in a year aeration, the best time is in the late spring when your lawn is fully green and the soil temperatures are at least 80 degrees.
  • ZOYSIA and CENTIPEDE GRASS Zoysia and Centipede Grass is best to be aerated and seeded in late April. They are warm-season grasses and must have completed a green-up by this time and are getting ready for rapid growth.  Generally, the secret to having a good-looking lawn even after aerating and overseeding is to aerate before mowing so that the yard doesn’t look too rough. You might be tempted to remove the Soil Plugs but it will be wise if you leave them on the lawn because they can still provide the needed nutrients. Eventually, these plugs will dissipate and once again become an important part of your lawn’s health.


Most homeowners think it’s all about planting new seeds in order to have a full and beautiful lawn. But to be clear, watering your turf is as important as planting because your turf will not grow if it is not getting enough water or other nutrients for that matter. An overseeded lawn can be fully established in eight weeks or less. Proper watering is very critical for a successful overseeding. Here are watering tips for every homeowner:

Right after overseeding, water your lawn heavily in order to wash the grass seeds into the slits or holes. For the first fourteen days, water lightly on a daily basis. After germination has taken place, water minimally, but enough to allow the soil to get deeply soaked with water in order to reach the roots. After the new grass has been established, water normally.

LET US HELP Are you a homeowner, having a hard time maintaining your lawn? Whether you are in need of aeration and overseeding or have other concerns, you are on the right path if you choose the services of Perfect Leaf Management.

With our variety of services and expertise, you can optimize seed germination, enjoy the benefits of installing and seeding your specific type of turf, enjoy the benefits of professional core aeration, overcome weed problems, and enjoy seeding at the appropriate time of year. We can install a professionally designed lawn irrigation system to ensure proper watering for the health of your lawn. Our Agricultural Licensed Project Managers at Perfect Leaf Management are well trained in the proper upkeep, regular maintenance, and proactive steps to keep your lawn healthy no matter the type of grass you use. Your lawn will be weed-free and thriving.

So what are you still waiting for? Today, you can join thousands of people who have used our services to keep their lawn 100% healthy, protected, and free from pests and weeds.

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