The care and Maintenance of your Shrubs and Trees play a very important role in keeping the health, value, and beauty of your outdoor area. Many homeowners don’t understand how Pruning can make their tree healthy, but the truth remains that pruning does actually help.

Are your shrubs looking bushy and overgrown? Do you worry that your trees appear funny in their shape? If so, then it’s high time you considered seeking the help of professionals to help restore the glory of your landscape.

Perfect Leaf Management is licensed in Ornamental, turf, and pest and we have a team of experts trained to Maintain your Shrub and Trees in order to give your landscape a paradise effect. We offer professional service because shrub and tree pruning demand the ability of an expert in order to accommodate the plant’s physiological needs and still be able to deliver an appealing effect.

Trimming and pruning your shrubs and trees coupled with insect and disease control are the duo that is topping the list of tree and shrub maintenance. Proper and timely pruning will not just provide a return on investment by enhancing your curb appeal but also will expand the life of your plants. If you desire for your tree to take a particular shape or to grow in a particular direction, a good expert-trimming will get it done. Here are the four major why every homeowner will definitely need a Professional Pruning.

  •   To change the look of the plant
  •   To affect fruit or flower production
  •   To change the look and shape of your plant
  •   To promote plant health


A typical tree’s Pruning Cycle is three to five years, but size, type, and health plays a significant role in determining the cycle that will work best for your trees.

However, the time considered to be the best when it comes to shrub and tree pruning is anytime between late fall and early spring. The least desirable time to prune a landscape woody plant is during the summer which is the immediate time a new growth developed. Pruning when new growth has occurred can stunt the plant’s bloom abilities for the year.

Late fall and early spring are considered the Best Time for Pruning because, in the fall and winter, trees enter a dormant phase, this implies that its growth at this point is halted. A harder ground caused by winter gives the pruning expert’s easy access to the tree and the sparse canopy makes branches very easy to spot and handle.


Trees and shrubs are natural things that have life in them and so they differ. There are standards we may refer to in a general way when it comes to Pruning. However, the situation or condition of some shrubs and trees may require a different and special method to handle it. There are many ways we can conduct pruning which include:


On some occasions, we may suggest dormant pruning for some shrubs and trees. It is important to note that dormant pruning in February and March is perceived to offer the best results. The objective of this Method of Pruning is to improve the flower for the upcoming year


This kind of pruning is considered the most Severe Pruning. This involves cutting the whole shrub down to ground level, sparing only a stub about two inches above the soil or on some occasions we may leave behind a few stems and suckers. The essence of this process is to allow the shrub to rapidly produce new growth in the coming year.


Typical Moderate pruning involves removing up to fifty percent of major canes or selective elimination of the branches in order to reduce the size or change the form of a shrub. Plants that respond to rejuvenation pruning also respond to moderate pruning.


This method of pruning is regarded as a High Maintenance Pruning because it produces straight lines or neatly rounded lines. It is important to maintain the top narrower than the bottom when pruning a shrub in a formal way. When this is done the shrub usually looks like A shape or U shape turned upside down. A disadvantage of formal pruning is that it may promote diseases and insect invasion.


Light pruning is a method that involves selective thinning out or trimming in order to maintain the specified form or intended shape of the shrub. This method is primarily used for aesthetic purposes. Its secondary purpose can be to eliminate the infestation of insects or Diseases on a Shrub,


Pruning trees is an important maintenance practice incorporated into every homeowner’s landscape care.  There are basically two goals every homeowner aims to achieve when considering tree pruning or trimming. These include; 

  Hazard Reduction Tree Pruning addresses a specific danger that is caused by visible safety problems in your tree for instance; low hanging branches over sidewalks. Narrow angled branches that overhang your home would be eliminated. Tree branches that obscure the entry of your home or property are advised to be removed for security reasons.

  Maintenance Tree Pruning improves the health and structure of a tree. In this aspect, special care is taken in order to improve the appearance, shape, and overall health of your tree. Without pruning, many trees can be victims of diseases and are likely to suffer overcrowding. Pruning out the dead branches or shoots from trees increases the possibility of halting the progress of most diseases that can kill the whole part of your tree.


Many homeowners lack basic knowledge about the Pruning of Shrubs and Trees. If pruning is done wrongly, your shrubs and trees risk the chances of a fatal failure and death, that’s why it’s always advised for homeowners to hire the help of the professionals in order to give the desired effect.

Perfect Leaf Management remains the best option for homeowners who desire Pruning Services including all Landscape Services.  We make shrub and tree care accessible to all homeowners and also offer the services of our Agricultural certified and licensed experts in ornamental, turf and pest. Our professional team has the experiences to determine the Best Decisions for your Shrubs and Trees taking into consideration the species of your plant and your landscape environment. This means that with Perfect Leaf Management you can be sure your shrubs and trees will remain healthy and beautiful for many years to come.

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