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Perfect Leaf Management is Georgia’s number one landscaping company serving Ellenwood and the surrounding areas.

We understand that our clients value their lawns and landscaping and we are committed to helping make yours look green, plush, and well maintained throughout the year from early spring to late fall and winter.

With a combined work experience that spans over a century, our technicians have the skills necessary to ensure your home’s lawn and gardens look great all year long.

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We Know What Is Best for your Garden

Why us?

All plants have essential requirements for proper care, such as watering; how they should be watered, when they should be watered, and the optimum amount of water. We can also ensure your plants’ health and wellness, from the nutrients requirements; the amount, the best combination and the type of nutrient best for your plants to the frequency of exposure to sunlight and the intensity of the sun, the amount of shade to make the plant healthy all year round.

Also, we know the damage pests, insects and diseases can have on plants. Our team of experts in Agronomy, Soil Science, and Pathology is here to handle any type of infections and diseases that may attack your plants.

Every plant has particular insect(s), fungus, or diseases known to attack the plant at certain times of the year or during extreme drought or harsh weather conditions. We are able to protect your plants from infestations. The leaf of the plant indicates the proper care or lack thereof of a plant’s health. We are able to gauge your plants’ health and provide proper care and maintenance.

Perfect Leaf Management’s mission is to protect the investment you make in your landscaping and ensure their continuous care.

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Perfect Leaf Management

About Us

Perfect Leaf Management (PLM) is a privately owned landscape company committed to giving lawns, shrubs, and gardens a touch of professionalism to create a rich and eco-friendly environment for its owners.

Founded on February 6, 2001, PLM has grown over the years to emerge as a major lawn management company in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

PLM has provided its services to hundreds of homes, parks, and offices in Ellenwood and the areas surrounding it. We take pride in our ability to deliver 100% satisfaction and leave a smile on the faces of our customers as evidenced by the positive reviews we have gathered over the years.

How We Work

Engaging our services is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is to contact us and one of our technicians will visit your property to conduct a survey and recommend which service(s) will be the best for your property. We deliver all services with a high degree of expertise and a high level of quality.

Our teams of experts are fast and readily available to attend to your needs. All our services are geared towards getting the best out of your plants and giving your home, offices, or church the beauty of healthy plants.

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