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Irrigation System Repair & Installation

Are you concerned about the look of your outdoor grass and flowers? Do you want a fully blossomed garden and a full lush lawn? Installing an irrigation system on your lawn or landscaping is a good way to achieve that. Proper maintenance of an irrigation system is necessary to reduce wasted water and improve plant health.

At Perfect Leaf Management, we are equipped to solve problems with your irrigation system. Whether you have an old irrigation system or you are looking to install a new one, our team of experienced and professional technicians can provide reliable, money-saving solutions for your irrigation needs. Your landscape needs balanced watering and our lawn irrigation services have you covered. We can set zones to ensure your lawn receives the perfect amount of water.

Perfect Leaf Management offers different maintenance packages to maintain your irrigation system in optimal shape, leaving your lawn green and lush. Our experienced and professionally equipped Irrigation Technicians can ensure your irrigation system is:

  • Constructed to drain properly and reduce water runoff
  • At its top effectiveness throughout the year
  • Customized to accommodate the needs of your lawn
  • Designed to maximize your lawn’s lifespan
  • Reliable and sustainable as much as possible

Having a professionally installed irrigation not only increases property value, but it ensures your plants, grass, shrubs, and trees get the adequate water they need to be healthy and beautiful.

Don’t wait until your plants and grass are wilting in the extremely hot summer before you consider a lawn/landscape irrigation installation. The month of May, June, and July are the prime months for irrigation repairs and installation. There can be a  waiting period for any credible company to schedule services or repairs during these prime months. In order to avoid these complications, contact Perfect Leaf Management for a consultation. Our Perfect Leaf Management Irrigation System 360 details preventive measures to keep your irrigation system ready to go when you need it.

No landscape design is really complete without a proper irrigation plan. It is often a mistake to plant gardens and lawns if you don’t have a irrigation plan from the beginning. A properly designed and installed irrigation system will be convenient and cost effective.  With the help of Perfect Leaf Management, the type of irrigation system you need will be easy to select. We will keep in mind the water needs of your plants, shrubbery, and lawn.  Also effective irrigation requires regular and strategic system maintenance which PLM can provide. Some irrigation plans include:

    This system is a good choice for flower beds and plants, vegetable gardens and then beds with trees and ornamentals. Drip emitter put a little amount of water at the right spots it’s needed.
    These hoses are a form of drip irrigation without automation. It’s usually linked to a Water Source and then it spurges water from tiny holes along the length of the hose, it’s usually with a 2- to 3-inch watering width. It can be placed on the ground or buried under the mulch
    Sprinklers toss water into the air, giving the vegetation a healthy rain shower. Sprinkler systems are advised to be used early in the morning. Drip systems are best for deep-rooted plants while sprinklers are best for lawns. However, most yards benefit from the combination of the two.

How effective is your irrigation system? Irrigation systems require some amount of maintenance to keep working efficiently and effectively. Systems that are neglected can lead to either  dry landscape or an over watering situation. If you are experiencing leaks, water runoff or any type of problem with your system turn to us for our Perfect Leaf Management Irrigation System. We are proud of our expertise on effective and professional Irrigation Services. We offer services for:

SPRING START-UP: To prepare for spring, we prime the main line, cross-check the operation at each zone. Check for leaks, adjust the heads, search for leaks, test the function of the controller, calibrate the run times and identify any needed repair.

FALL SHUT DOWN: In this scenario, Perfect Leaf Management Licensed and Certified technicians prepare your system for winter by making use of a compressor to blow out the heads, valves and main lateral lines prior to the expected freezing temperatures and they also turn your system off.

ADVANCED LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION CONTINGENCY ANALYSIS: To insure your system runs effectively, we go through your entire system zone by zone and check the coverage areas and run times. These run times may be adjusted for seasonal differences in weather. This service has a 20 item checklist that includes:

  • Backflow preventer check
  • GPM output
  • Water coverage
  • Irrigation head conditioning
  • Irrigation flush
  • Control pad program
  • Rain Sensor
  • Plant watering intake
  • Ball valve
  • Irrigation valve
  • PVB valve
  • Wifi programming
  • Voltage check
  • Irrigation pump
  • PRB valve irrigation timer
  • Drip line
  • Water runoff
  • Gate valve
  • Wiring
  • Pressure relief

If you are building a home from scratch, contact Perfect Leaf Management immediately. Our team of professionals in turf, insect and ornamental design will advise you on the proper sod, shrubs, and trees that are suitable for your environment. They will be able to run irrigation and landscape lines and wires undetected under sidewalks and pathways. Then we can proceed in installing a beautiful sod and matching irrigation system.

Do not hesitate to set up a consultation with Perfect Leaf Management to ensure proper water management of your lawn, shrubs, trees, and flowers. Our irrigation systems are properly and professionally installed with proper planning to avoid water run off or improper water build up or pooling in certain areas.

Trust Perfect Leaf Management to give you the best health remedies for a lovely blossoming garden and a fully designed landscape. We never compromise on quality whether it’s for a repair or installation. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Contact us for more information on irrigation repair and installation services. If your goal is a healthy beautiful landscape, YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT with Perfect Leaf Management! Call us today! 

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