Perfect Leaf Management Perimeter Pest Control Services got you covered! If you want to protect your house from these annoying home invaders, then you will be needing a magic touch from our Trained Pest Specialist. We have the best means to get rid of insects and pests. Most homeowners find it time-consuming, frustrating and expensive to eliminate these pests. With our Perimeter Pest Control, you can be assured that you will receive the best barrier treatment at your home.

We work hard to provide you with our homeowner monthly/annual pest control plan which will give you peace of mind. If you are dealing with a pest problem that requires monthly treatment such as; German Cockroaches and Mosquitoes our pest control plan was designed to interrupt their breeding process. The roach and mosquitoes population will be controlled making it easier for our Pest control experts to effectively remove these pests once and for all.

Our yearly plan includes two automatic treatments done in spring and fall. These Treatments are strictly for exterior perimeters. It involves applying a liquid residual treatment along the edges of the foundation, lower windows, door frames trees and landscape areas. Treatment applied in the interior areas are based on any pest invasion you have at the moment. During our service visit, we inspect for places that give a conducive environment to Pests and Rodents. Our knowledgeable and experienced pest controllers will bring this situation to your notice. Some of the property conditions we monitor are;

  •   Cracks in the foundation
  •   Clogged gutters
  •   Overgrown shrubs
  •   Debris around the house
  •   Rotted section of the house
  •   Pest Intrusion Points

Seasonal Treatments are proven crucial in eliminating active insects throughout the spring season. The Summer Treatments are helpful in fighting new fleas and crickets. During the fall season, the barrier treatments are also useful in preventing millipedes and spiders.

If you are unsure whether you will be needing monthly, quarterly or bi-monthly treatments to control the pest invasion in your home, you can contact us and our Pest Control Professionals will be ready to assist you.

The effective nature of our perimeter pest control is highly convincing on many homeowners. However, if you are a homeowner and you want a DIY control, sure you can! You can close the doors and windows or pick up tools, Garden hoses and toys that lies next to the business or home areas.

Our Perimeter pest control treatments are not harmful to flowers, grass or shrubberies around the perimeter. However, it is important to keep children away from the treated area until the surfaces are completely dried.

Do you want to hire a trusted perimeter Pest Control Company? You are on the right path! Simply visit our website or contact us at 678-666-2544. You will surely see how efficient our services are, and this will make you deal with us over and over again!